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Freespace Hosting Services

Freespace Hosting Services

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Freespace Australia provides free image hosting and file hosting services. We also have links to free web hosting and cheap web hosting providers as well as tools to diagnose any hosting/domain related problems you may have.

Free Space Australia is dedicated in providing unbiased information to help web designers, customers and businesses determine what are the best services they can get for their money. We offer information on windows and unix based servers ranging from free budget plan to the premium managed choice. Whatever your needs are we will help you find it. Hosting plans range by features, pricing and reliability. The first Question is to ask yourself, how much can I afford to spend and what reliabilty do I need. Example if your running a business you want to use a well known provider who has experience and the suport staff needed like webcentral.

Make a list of a few providers local and international. Next question is what features you require. e.g. windows vs unix, asp vs php, do you require frontpage extensions, perl, how much data storage and bandwidthneeded, shared, virtual or dedicated hosting services, etc.
Another thing to condsider is the control panel you are getting, if you are a novice you will want to test drive the control panel they have as they vary from host to host. Cpanel is the best and most popular one at the moment but there are many providers who have built there own systems which are robust. You should have an idea now, if not just check out one of the providers on our hosting pages.

Web Hosting is required to have a website. The web hosting stores all the files for the website. It also stores other information like logs, emails, analytics, images, files and many other things needed to run and online business.

Image Hosting provided by Freespace allows users to upload images so that they can easily use on thier blog. It is useful for blogs because most blogging platforms do not allow images to be uploaded to the webspace. Using a image is convenient and quick.

File Hosting allows all types of files to be shared. If you have a large file that cannot be emailed you may choose to use a file hosting service. File hosting is free and can be used for files up to 250 mbs.

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